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Fight Fys logotype

Client: Fight Fys
Assignment: Create a logo for Fight Fys. The logo should feel fast and strong. The "Swooshcircle" was placed around the logo, partly to keep the logo together, but mostly to reinforce the actual symbolism with just training, endurance and strength together with the thick text.
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Doktorn i stan Logotype

Client: Doktorn i stan
Assignment: Logotype to "Doctor in town", where the letter "i" clearly shows that it's in the "middle of town" the doctor is located. "i" can be seen as a pin needle on a map and to symbolize that there clinic is located high up in there office in Stockholm. We chose to add a byline, so the patient immediately sees what the doctor is specializing in.
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VizzDAT VZ Logotype

Client: VizzDAT
Assignment: Logotype to VizzDAT in two versions "VizzDAT" and "VZ" in blue and green. The V in VizzDAT and VZ is shaped like a magnifying glass which will create the feeling that VizzDAT is accurate and goes into to the depths and analyzes data. The letter i also becomes bigger and more detailed, trough the magnifying glass and the dot is shaped like an eye that is looking through the glass and analyzing. Rounded the letters so they matched the round magnifying glass well. VizzDAT works with data analysis and IT for medical research.
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New Deals Logotype

Client: New Deals
Assignment: Logotype to New Deals Marketplace for industrial products and services. Where to hands, male and female, makes a handshake and creates a feeling of trust and agreement in a business transaction.
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Engineering Quantum Systems Logotype

Client: Sabbatsbergs Husläkarjour
Assignment: Create a logo for Sabbatsbergs Husläkarjour, where we chose to go from the more common red and blue in healthcare and chose a green welcome cross instead.
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Engineering Quantum Systems Logotype

Client: MIT - Engineering Quantum Systems
Assignment: Logotype. Create a unicorn that is standing on the "MIT dome" in a shape of a chess horse that meets/hits a sphere and creates a reaction.
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Client: ELAC
Assignment: Design figures for presentations.
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Visuera logotyp
Client: Visuera Integration
Assignment: Redesign of logotype and new visual identity. The new logo should feel lighter and more modern. The eye changed positions from above the "i" in to the middle of the "e", in the shape of a "happy figure", which is also used separately for their different "e-solutions". Also developed complementary colors and symbols of the presentations and documents.
"Henric Wangel has a fine sense of graphic design, and his gentle personality makes collaboration fun and easy." ⏤ Ove Pihl
Klient: BBMRI
Uppdrag: Animated short film with figures created from BBMRI's logotype to a intro to theirs Biobank Webinar.
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AC Logotyp
Client: Anagrius Consulting
Assignment: Create a logotype of the letters and shape of A and C, where AC should join and meet each other and form a symbol. The letters are created from scratch.
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ÄgarLedare Logotyp
Client: ÄgarLedare
Assignment: Logotype and icons. Create a logo where A and L create a network, the discussions flowing in a "room". Where "Ägare" (Owner) and "Ledare" (Leader), meet to network and exchange information and experience.
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Birgitta Örne Interior Design Logotyp
Client: Birgitta Örne Interior Design
Assignment: Web. Create an easy to navigate and uncluttered website with lots of pictures of Birgitta design assignments. The pictures speak for themselves and get a lot of space on the webpage. Interior design from apartments to the summer houses. www.birgittaorne.com »
"Henric meet his clients with sensitivity and humility. He puts himself into the task and creatively grab the work and deliver. I can highly recommend him."
Etablera Logotype
Client: Etablera Strategisk kommunikation & PR
Assignment: Logotype. Creating a vibrant and happy symbolic figure. A "little figure" who speaks and communicates with the customer.
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Babytoy Logotype
Client: Babytoy
Assignment: Logotype. Get a feeling of easy to read letters on wooden block. The letter O is shaped like a toy-maracas.
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JHS Booklets
Client: Jarl Hjalmarson Stiftelsen
Assignment: Cover illustrations booklet. Create a consistent design to their book covers, with a solid background in the form of an image or symbol that is part of the book's content, for example. fencing "About Human Rights (to the left)". On top and in the center of the front cover I created a clear symbol of the book's content.
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